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The GLOCK 26 Gen4, in 9×19, introduces revolutionary design changes to the “BABY GLOCK”-the most sought-after concealed carry option since its release in 1994. The Modular Back Strap design lets you instantly customize its grip to adapt to an individual shooter’s hand size. The surface of the frame employs the new scientifically designed, real-world-tested, Gen4 rough textured technology. Internally, the new GLOCK dual recoil spring assembly substantially increases the life of the system. A reversible enlarged magazine catch, changeable in seconds, accommodates left or right-handed operators.

This is a limited-run Bi-tone Battlefield Green G26 Gen4. These are factory molded frames, not painted. Includes new Glock 9mm pistol with Glock factory Battlefield Green lower receiver and black slide and barrel, three magazines, hard case, pistol lock, speed loader, battlefield green backstraps and cleaning brush/rod.


The “Baby Glock” G26 Gen4, in 9mm, is similar in size and weight to the small frame .38 snub nose revolver. The G26 fires the powerful 9mm cartridge with a 10+1 capacity. The 4th Generation of the Glock Safe Action Pistol brings revolutionary design changes. The frame surface exhibits the scientifically designed Gen4 rough textured technology. This model features a dual recoil spring assembly that substantially increases the life of the system, and the enlarged reversible magazine catch easily accommodates left- or right-handed operators.

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Glock Perfection. The Glock 26 is ideal for home defense, concealed carry, or as a duty weapon. It is a sub-compact, 9mm, polymer-frame handgun that uses a locked-breech system referred to as “Safe Action“. This is the combination of trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety that renders the loaded pistol incapable of firing, even when banged or bumped unless someone actually squeezes the trigger.

Because it does not have a hammer, the spring-loaded striker (firing pin) is technically blocked off, partially retracted, and not in geometric alignment with a chambered cartridge. It is only by squeezing the trigger, which fully retracts and then releases the striker, that makes the pistol then capable of firing. The absence of a hammer also provides a sleeker profile that reduces both size and weight, while optimizing a smoother draw from concealment.

The Glock 26 has the advantage of not having a manual safety, thus eliminating the need to consciously think about deactivating such a device during a deadly encounter. This is the ultimate point-and-shoot pistol. With 50% fewer components than conventional handguns of the same caliber, it means there are fewer parts to break, and you can literally disassemble and then reassemble the gun within seconds.

The frame is made out of a synthetic polymer that is actually stronger than steel, yet 86% lighter and virtually indestructible. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 F to +158 F and still continue firing. The ergonomic grip angle is designed to allow the shooter to rapidly deploy the pistol under stressful fire conditions.

This series is referred to as “Gen4″ and has several noticeable upgrades over its Gen3 predecessors. A slightly smaller frame circumference, combined with interchangeable backstraps has been engineered to accommodate a variety of hand sizes.

The rough texture grip allows for a more aggressive hold on the gun, especially in situations where maximum traction and weapons retention could make the difference between life or death. An enlarged reversible Gen4 magazine release makes it easier to perform reloads. Glock supplies the third magazine with Gen4 pistols that offer added firepower.

The Glock 26 Gen4 features an outstanding ergonomic design, where a highly efficient bore axis-to-weight distribution ratio ensures controlled shots, even under rapid-fire conditions. In addition, the polymer frame also provides much softer felt recoil than most conventional metal frame handguns. This pistol weighs in at a little over 19.75 ounces and has a DAO trigger pull of roughly 5.5 pounds.

Three full capacity 10- round magazines are provided with Glock 26 Gen4 pistols. A set of white outline sights sit on top of the slide, are highly visible, easy to use, and track reasonably well. The 3.46” hexagonal hammer-forged barrel of the Glock 26 increase muzzle velocity and provide greater accuracy than conventionally rifled barrels. Overall, the Glock 26 Gen4 is an extremely versatile, compact and ultra-reliable self-defense pistol.


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