AR 15


Legit Arm Store is your one-stop shop for all your AR-15 rifle needs. Buy complete AR-15 rifles and AR-15 pistols, upper receivers, lower receivers, build kits, AR-15 parts, and much more.  The AR-15 rifle is America’s most popular rifle for good reason. The modular platform makes it easy to configure your gun your way. The AR-15 has proven itself reliable, rugged, and accurate making it a go-to choice for home defense, competitive shooting, and more. Whether you’re looking for a standard 5.56 NATO AR-15 carbine or a rifle-length AR in 6.5 Creedmoor, we’ve got you covered. We carry the most popular AR-15s from top manufacturers like Springfield Armory, Colt, and LWRC. We have a full stock of complete AR-15 rifles from the most trusted brands ready to ship to your dealer.

Want a straight AR-15 rifle?

Well my friends, if you’re interested in a magazine-fed, gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle, I have a list for you.

Here’s a lineup showing 10 of the best AR-15 rifles that come at the nicest price for what you get. They vary in specialization, with some great for home defense and others catered towards long-range shooting. Not all of them are under the $1,000 mark, and I’m quoting factory MSRP for a complete rifle, not a bunch of custom-fitted gun parts.

AR 15 for sale

In need of some tactical solutions or semi-auto self-defense options in 5.56mm or .223 Remington? Want to avoid an advanced search for AR 15 for sale and just find something you can hunt with? You can add all the quality accessories and range gear you want later, but if you want the gun that America’s privileged to see to gain popularity, then scroll through the photos to see the 10 best-priced AR-15 rifles.

They aren’t exactly new products, but these AR-15-style rifles will get the job done.

Anderson Arms AM15-M4

Anderson Rifles

I could not find official MSRP on their website, but a Gunbroker listing had the rifle at $975. I would expect about $1,000-$1,100 for a new one.

It comes equipped with a six-position adjustable buttstock, A2 pistol grip handguard, 16-inch barrel, high-rise gas block, and the kind of detachable 10- or 30-round AR-15 magazines that make these guns so great.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II


Smith & Wesson came to the table with a budget rifle aimed at the average range-goer, and their second version, the Sport II, has a few improved features. They know that most people don’t care about dust covers, lug nuts, M203 barrel cuts, and less than a 1/9 twist. They give you what you want in a rifle that is at home on both the range and in the field varmint hunting. Factory MSRP for the Sport II is $649.

Armalite M-15 A4


No list of best-priced AR-15s would be without the original Armalite. Factory MSRP is $1,073 and for what you get, this rifle is practically a steal. The slightly longer barrel and other features make this a very popular rifle.

Smith & Wesson M&P MOE

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson is a legendary American company for good reason. Their M&P line covers both handguns and rifles come to market with exceptional quality at a high value. Get their AR-15 decked out with Magpul gear at the factory MSRP $1,239, and you won’t have to invest in other AR-15 parts. The magazine release is smooth, and it includes what some consider the perfect AR-15 barrel.

Colt M4 Carbine LE6920


One of the longest-running contractors to the U.S. military, Colt puts out some amazing rifles. The LE6920 is a competitively priced tactical rifle that is still in active service with many law enforcement units. The barrel length is ideal, and the iron sights work wonders. Factory MSRP is $1,155.

Daniel Defense M4 V7

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is a premium manufacturer of whole rifles and their components at reasonable prices. They employ revolutionary techniques, almost sci-fi type metals and they sell to elite forces everywhere. The DDM4 comes to you at a factory MSRP of $1,946. The gun comes with Daniel Defense’s own Flash Suppressor, and just about any optic mounts on the rail.

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Optics Ready

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson knows that most AR-15 owners are going to scrap the stock sights and put their own configuration on there. Save yourself some money with their optics-ready line coming at the factory MSRP of $1,069. It has a flash hider and seems like it should meet mil-spec to the highest degree.

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Entry Tactical

Rock River Arms

Want a shorter barrel? A unique charging handle? Rock River Arms lets you fully customize the semi-auto rifle straight from the factory from the lower receiver to the stock. With their easy-to-use interface on the website, you can have a firing platform created to your exact specifications. The base model comes in at a factory MSRP of $1,200.

Faxon ION

This gun is built to be light and doesn’t need much customization. The Faxon ION comes in two configurations, the First Line with just the basics, and a Summit Line with more upgrades, like a tuned gas system, Gunner lightweight bolt carrier group, Ambi charging handle, and safety selector, Hiperfire EDTDM trigger, and a carbon fiber handguard. The MSRP is right around $1,575.

Windham Armory SRC

Windham Weaponry

Windham Armory is the collection of the former Bushmaster employees for the company’s buy-out and downturn. These guys still know how to make guns with a Picatinny rail and put out some very well-priced performance rifles. Their “SRC” rifle comes in a factory MSRP of $1,040. It shouldn’t be considered a “budget AR-15” but it’s sure priced like one.